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After School Programs:   Global World Cultures


The World in Our Backyard is extremely proud of our 45 minute programs developed for students to enhance their study of families of diverse cultures around the world.

Our in-house field trips were developed to support the NC Course of Study competency goals and objectives and to engage students in a creative and energetic way through the use of photographs, artifacts, cultural costumes and traditional music.

The following programs are offered:

Africa,  Australia,  China,  Italy,  Mexico,  Native Americans, Peru  and  the Netherlands.

The cost is $5 a student with a minimum charge of $250.


We have presented after school programs at the following elementary and middle schools:

Agape Academy Africa
Alexander Graham Middle Africa, Mexico
Albemarle Elementary China, Mexico
Antioch Elementary Africa
Ashley Park Elementary China
Bain Elementary China, Ecuador
Ballantyne Elementary Africa, Mexico
Barnette Elementary Italy
Barringer Academy China, Netherlands
Berewick Elementary Australia, China
Beverly Woods Elementary China, Ecuador, Italy, Netherlands
Billingsville Elementary Africa
Blythe Elementary Italy
Briarwood Elementary Africa
Bruns Elementary Africa, China, Mexico
Chantilly Elementary Africa, China, Mexico
Collinswood Elementary Africa, China, Italy, Mexico, Native American
Community House Middle Mexico, Native American
Cornelius Elementary Africa, Mexico
Cotswold Elementary Africa, China
Country Day School Australia, China, Egypt, Italy, Netherlands
Croft Community Elementary Mexico
Crown Point Elementary Australia, China, Mexico
David Cox Elementary Australia, China, Mexico, Peru
Davidson Elementary Ecuador, Mexico
Druid Hills Elementary Mexico
Eastover Elementary Ecuador, Egypt
Elizabeth Lane Elementary Africa, China, Egypt
Elizabeth Traditional Elementary China, Italy
Elon Park Elementary Africa
Endhaven Elementary Australia, Mexico, Native American
First Ward Elementary Australia, Mexico
Greenway Park Elementary Australia, Netherlands
Hawkridge Elementary Africa, China, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands
Hemby Bridge Elementary Africa
Hickory Grove Elementary Africa, Australia
Hidden Valley Elementary Africa, Australia, Mexico
Highland Creek Elementary Mexico, Native American
Highland Mill Montessori Australia
Highland Renaissance Academy Africa, Italy
Huntersville Elementary Africa, China, Mexico, Native American
Huntingtowne Farms Elementary Ecuador, Mexico
Idlewild Road Elementary Africa
Indian Trail Elementary Australia
Irwin Avenue Elementary China, Italy, Mexico, Native American, Peru
J.H. Gunn Elementary Africa, Australia, China
J.T. Williams Middle Africa, China, Ecuador
J.V. Washam Elementary Mexico
Joseph W. Grier Elementary Africa, Mexico, Native American
Lake Wylie Elementary Africa, China
Landsdowne Elementary Mexico, Native American
Lebanon Road Elementary Africa, China, Netherlands
Lincoln Heights Elementary Africa, China, Netherlands
Long Creek Elementary Ecuador
Mallard Creek Elementary Australia, China, Mexico
Matthews Elementary Australia, China, Ecuador, Egypt, Native American
McAlpine Elementary Africa, Australia
Merry Oaks Elementary China, Mexico, Peru
Montclaire Elementary China, Mexico
Mountain Island Elementary China, Mexico
Morehead Elementary China, Egypt, Peru
Myers Park Elementary Africa, Netherlands
Nathaniel Alexander Elementary Africa, Peru
Nations Ford Christian Academy China
Nations Ford Elementary China, Mexico
Newell Elementary China
Oakdale Elementary Australia, Egypt
Oakhurst Elementary Egypt
Oakhurst Elementary Native American
Park Road Elementary Australia, China
Paw Creek Elementary Australia, China, Netherlands
Pawtuckett Elementary Africa, Ecuador
Piedmont Middle Italy
Pineville Elementary Mexico
Pinewood Elementary China, Italy, Mexico
Piney Grove Elementary Australia, Ecuador, Mexico
Providence Day School Australia, Mexico
Providence Springs Elementary Africa, Australia
Rama Road Elementary Australia, China, Mexico
Reedy Creek Elementary Africa, Ecuador
River Oaks Elementary Australia, Mexico
Rocky River Elementary China
Sardis Elementary Australia
Sedgefield Middle China, Egypt, Mexico
Selwyn Elementary Ecuador
Shamrock Garden Elementary Mexico
Sharon Elementary Mexico
Smith Language Academy Ecuador, Netherlands, Mexico
Smithfield Elementary Africa, Mexico
Spaugh Middle Mexico
St. Ann’s Catholic Church Australia, Italy, Netherlands
St. Mark’s Catholic Church Australia, Italy, Netherlands
St. Matthew’s Catholic Church Australia, Italy, Netherlands
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church China, Africa, Mexico
Statesville Road Elementary Australia
Steele Creek Elementary China, Italy
Sterling Elementary Native American
Stoney Creek Elementary Australia
Thomasboro Elementary Mexico
Torrence Creek Elementary Africa, Australia, China, Ecuador, Mexico
Tryon Hills Pre Kindergarten Italy, Native American
Tuckaseegee Elementary China, Mexico
Unionville Elementary Africa
University Park Elementary Africa, Australia, Mexico
Walter Bickett Elementary Africa, Italy
Walter G. Byers Elementary Africa, China, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands
Wesley Chapel Elementary Africa
Westerly Hills Elementary Africa, Mexico, Netherlands
Wilson Middle Mexico
Windsor Park Elementary Mexico
Winget Park Elementary Egypt
Winterfield Elementary Africa, China, Mexico, Netherlands
Woodlawn School Egypt